I'm Back In The USS[A]

When reflecting on my time spent in London, I realized that what I have learned about the city and about myself is somewhat difficult to express in writing. During my time in the city, I learned how to operate the tube system, I tried new foods, adapted to the British “lingo,” discovered different clothing trends, and experienced countless concepts of historical and cultural significance through visiting museums and houses, watching plays and just walking around. However, what I have taken from this trip is far greater than things like mastering transportation systems. London is a place that habitually thrives on art. Before this trip, I did not completely believe that such a place existed. It literally seems to be everywhere, even in the tube stations where the city has commissioned artists, musicians and writers to display their talents. It’s like the whole city is one big artistic union. In Ruston, there is not a large public demand for art; therefore, the supply is limited. I believe a large part of that has to do with the people. There is a communal acceptance of art in London that everyone seems so comfortable with. Due to my experience with local theatre, my expectations for the theatrical productions in London were mediocre, but that ended up being my favorite part of the trip. Each play and performance was uniquely innovative and exciting. I will forever be amazed by the level of creativity that exists in the places I visited. The artistic vibe of London is the thing that had the greatest affect on me and I will continue to draw on these experiences for inspiration and encouragement.

Cheerio, y'all.

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