It's Been A Hard Day's Night

It is 2:30pm in London and I am still trying to adjust to the time change. We got here around 10:45 yesterday (Wed) morning. Not to be dramatic or anything, but the 10 hour plane flight was ABSOLUTELY miserable! I took two Dramamine in hopes that I would pass out, but as it turns out, I never fell asleep. In addition this drowsy stupor, I got stuck in a middle seat. Okay, done complaining. London is pretty fabulous.

After we landed and got settled in the hotel, we made a quick trip to exchange currency at an ATM, or as they call it, "Hole in the Wall." After that, we walked around Bloomsbury and eventually found the place where our classes will be. As it turns out, our classrooms are in the upper floors of an old bookshop that is dedicated to publishing the works of philosopher/scientist/etcetera, Emanuel Swedenborg. From there, we walked to the British Museum and saw various exhibits including sculptures from ancient Egypt, the Aztecs and the Parthenon. We also saw the Rosetta Stone--the Egyptian artifact, not the language software. I might go back to the BM while I am here as I was too tired yesterday to truly appreciate it. Yesterday seems like a drunken memory. However, last nights sleep was the best I've ever had.

I will have to post of my adventures from today a little later, as they are not yet over. As of now, I need to go get ready for tonight. We are going to see "Romeo and Juliet" at the Globe Theatre! Jealous?

Who/which is older? The professors or the Rosetta Stone ;)

Cheerio, y'all


  1. I am the first comment on your blog. Huzzah! I'm liking the theme of British and Beatles movie parodies.

  2. Yes, I am jealous..........but so excited for you. Have fun! And don't forget to take a lot of pics with your new, cool camera.

  3. I enjoy the words "cheerio" and "y'all" together. It works. Ditto, Momma Gail...we need to see photos!!!

    Love you. Rock it out in London.

  4. I am so envious...hope you are taking a lot of (happy) pictures!