Strawberry Fields Forever

I felt as if the title for this post was the most appropriate considering strawberries and crème is the official “treat” of the Wimbledon Championship tournament and on Sunday I got to take a tour of the facilities. The special thing about this day was that it was the last day to take tours before the tournament started so many of the players were already there getting ready. For those of you unfamiliar with Wimbledon, I’ll give you a very brief summary. Wimbledon was the first club dedicated to furthering the sport of tennis. The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, which is responsible for staging the world's leading tennis tournament, is a private Club founded in 1868, originally as 'The All England Croquet Club'. Still today, Wimbledon is acknowledge to be the premier tennis tournament in the world and the priority of The All England Lawn Tennis Club, which hosts The Championships, is to maintain its leadership into the twenty-first century. When Wimbledon is not hosting the tournament, it serves as a tennis club. One thing that I particularly found interesting is that there are less than 500 members and furthermore, their annual fee is only around 100 pounds (about 165 US dollars). Our tour guide said that wealth did not constitute club membership; club members merely have to be hard-core tennis fanatics who are dedicated to promoting the game. It is, however, the most exclusive club in the world.

Cheerio, y'all.

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