The Magical Mystery Tour Is Waiting To Take You Away

Thursday, on our way back to London, we stopped off at Oxford University to tour some of the colleges there. For many of the students on this trip, including myself, the most exciting part was getting to see the scenery used in the Harry Potter movies. Here are just a few photos from the day.

Ladies and Gents, welcome to Hogwarts

The courtyard at Christ Church College, Oxford University

The Great Hall

Another Harry Potter filming spot

Mixed fruit tart, yum!

These are not from Oxford, but they fit the HP motif...

Trying to get to Hogwarts

We were all very eager to get there.

More photos coming soon!

Cheerio, y'all


  1. Hey....will you do a slide show for us...along with commentary when you come back?

  2. How about a slide show with witty commentary when you return? Been loving your blog....thanks for the trip!